The story of a small village of Parthenonas in Sithonia is probably very different from what anybody would expect. It is situated about 5km from Neos Marmaras, at about 350 m elevation.

There is evidence that people lived in this settlement as early as the 10th century. However, in modern times, as the nearby town of Neos Marmaras started to develop and grow, people started to abandon Parthenonas and nobody lived there in the ‘70s. But then people started to appreciate its value and beauty and started to come back. They renovated their old traditional stone houses and now live on tourism and/or olive production.

Nowadays you can find good accommodation there as well as souvenir shops, bars, and a well-known restaurant. The restaurant’s main feature is its beautiful garden overlooking the sea and offering a breathtaking view of the sunset. It is so beautiful that people from all over Sithonia come there to eat and taste good local wine.

The streets of the Parthenonas, as well as the buildings, are made of stone and have kept a traditional vibe all over. A lot of the houses are still abandoned so a walk along Parthenonas can feel lonely but the view of the fields, Porto Carras resort with its vineyards, the island of Kelifo, and the Toroneos bay will leave you speechless.

Parthenonas Sithonia Halkidiki Greece

Population: About 40 permanent residents

Postal code: 630 81

While you are there, you must not forget to visit the St Stephan Church (1837) and the Folklore Museum.

For all these reasons and more Parthenonas is under the cultural protection of the EU and the Greek state.

Visiting and spending some time in this village will really take you to a fairy tale.

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