Metagkitsi is still not that popular for mass tourism, but if you ask any locals in this region where the best-grilled meat is, everyone will point you to Metagkitsi. This small village is located in northeast Sithonia. It’s on a hill – 140 m above the sea level, about 4 kilometers from the sea coast, and can be reached in three directions: from Agios Nikolaos, from Metamorfosios, and the shortest – from the road from Agios Nikolaos to Pyrgadikia.

For all the tourists in Sithonia who want to spend a day in a restaurant, which has a much larger selection of meat than fresh fish on its menu, Metagitsi is an unavoidable destination. You will notice this as soon as you enter this beautiful mountain village because you will immediately notice restaurants with large terraces. You won’t go wrong choosing any restaurant in Metagitsi. Metagitsi restaurants only use ingredients that are grown or produced nearby when preparing their food.

Metagitsi is built on top of an ancient city Assa, which was once one of Halkidiki’s most important cities. Metagkitsi was named after the phrase “μελαιvα γη” which relates to the reddish soil found in the area and the “transfusion” of inhabitants spared in the surrounding areas after the Romanies destroyed the existing settlement.

Since the nearest beach is only a few kilometers away, Metagitsi can easily satisfy both lovers of the sea and the mountains. The Havrias River barrier is a memorable walking path that will enable visitors to appreciate North Sithonia’s natural beauty. Agia Kyriaki serves as the starting point, while Desi is the position’s terminus.


Population: About 850 permanent residents

Elevation: 140 m (460 ft) above sea level

Postal code: 630 78

While the people of Metagitsi regard Salonikiou Beach (Akti Salonikiou) to be their beach, Sta Vathia is actually the closest beach and it offers an unmatched sense of freshwater due to the presence of underground water veins. We soon come upon the Kokala, a beach with cliffs and sharp rocks that inspire amazement in its guests.

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