Kalamitsi is a small and still not-so-popular summer resort almost at the very south of the Sithonia peninsula. It is about 150 km from Thessaloniki and about 15 km from its closest larger neighbor Sarti, where you can find a doctor’s office, pharmacies, and bigger grocery stores. Its development started not more than 30 years ago so it is very modern and not very big. That means that it is still very peaceful and relatively quiet, ideal for a really relaxing holiday.

Besides swimming, sunbathing, and sipping a cold drink on a warm, jazzy, summer afternoon, you can try some water sports, diving, and snorkeling. Of course, there are beach bars, gyros places, and taverns for your refreshment.

Most of the few accommodation facilities are located very close to the beach.

Kalamitsi Sithonia Halkidiki Greece

Population: About 150 permanent residents

Postal code: 630 72


Kalamits is open to the sea, so it can sometimes be wavy but it could exactly be its advantage. There is also a gentle breeze almost all the time so it never seems too hot. The most special feature is its sandy beach – extremely nicely organized, as well as the entire resort. The beach is long, the sand is pearly white and soft and the water is crystal clear.

Some visitors even say that it is the most beautiful beach in Sithonia (and we all know there is strong competition here).

Very close to the beach there is a small island to which tourists often swim and climb to enjoy the view of Kalamitsi.

Also, there is a nudist beach in a nearby bay.

The only thing that some guests might find missing is the absence of a traditional promenade along the beach – there is no sidewalk here.

As you go from Kalamitsi to Sarti, you will come across two famous and beautiful sheltered beaches: Turkolimnionas and Klimataria where you can find shelter from the wind in Kalamitsi.

We definitely advise all our visitors to visit the nearby camp called “Thalatta” – it has an amazing beach, great facilities (including a swimming pool) and a fantastic allover atmosphere.

If you ever get bored of swimming and resting your eyes on the most beautiful blue you’ve ever seen, you can drive to the lookout point above the place. There is a tavern with a beautiful view of Kalamitsi and the surrounding area. You can also visit the vineyards located on the slopes of Mount Meliton, located in the western part of the peninsula.

Don’t miss out on the beauty Kalamitsi and the surrounding area have to offer!

Kalamitsi Accommodation