Blue Lagoon Boat Rental

Blue Lagoon Boat Rental

Diaporos, the beautiful island in Vourvourou, Sithonia. It has been described as a secret paradise of Halkidiki, a magical island, an earthly paradise, an exotic island, the Scorpio of Northern Greece, the Caribbean of Greece, etc.

The most famous beaches of Diaporos are Blue Lagoon, Myrsini, and Kryftos, however, even the lesser-known are not far behind in beauty.

The Blue Lagoon is an extraordinary marvel that cannot be found anywhere else in Halkidiki. It’s a shallow passage with a white sandy sea bottom between Diaporos island and another small island, called Agios Isidoros. This combination of white sand and shallow water allows the water to take a very glacier-blue color. From above it seems as if someone turned on underwater lights to lighten the lagoon like a dazzling gem–it’s stunning!

So, the best way to visit these wonderful beaches is to rent a boat for the whole day. License is not required.

Renting a boat gives you autonomy and the opportunity to be alone with your family or your friends.

At www.bluelagoon-boats.gr, a new, well-maintained and clean boat is waiting for you in the water, with the experienced staff ready to give you all the necessary instructions to operate the boat, so you can spend an unforgettable day on the beautiful beaches of Diaporos.

You will find us in Vourvourou, on Livari beach, which is unique. A narrow strip of sand cuts the bay in half, forming a spectacular lagoon. From here you can also enjoy one of the most impressive sunsets of Halkidiki, overlooking Mount Athos.


Παραλία Λιβάρι, Βουρβουρού, 630 78 Σιθωνία Χαλκιδικής

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