Lidl supermarket in Neos Marmaras closed

Lidl supermarket in Neos Marmaras closed – a new period of reorganizations, the domestic supermarket sector

On February 19th the Lidl supermarket store in Neos Marmaras, Sithonia was closed permanently.

The Greek supermarket sector is entering a new period of reorganization by including more domestic companies in the market as well as introducing new foreign ones and re-introducing old ones like the French Carrefour brand.

In order to understand the circumstances, it is necessary to look at the big picture with the market fluctuations in Greece, especially in light of the pandemics and the decrease in average Greek purchasing power.

lidl neos marmaras
Lidl – Neos Marmaras

Market executives who closely monitor the industry say that “we are going through interesting times, as the negotiating table is growing and everyone seems to be looking for the golden “opportunity” to expand to the Halkidiki market.

Market dynamics

In this environment, the desire of foreign chains keen on the idea of ​​entering the domestic market remains strong. Industry players comment on the future of the industry and estimate that “the picture that will show the market dynamics in two – three-year depth will be significantly different from today. The entry of new players and partnerships is on the industry’s agenda, while the battle between domestic companies (such as Galaxias, Masoutis, Kritikos, Metro, etc.) for their spot under the Halkidiki sun is still ongoing.

Hopefully, it will all be sorted out by summer 2022.

Source: capital.gr

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