Gelateria Dolce Casa – Ice cream in Sarti

They say that the best ice cream in the world is made in Italy. We are not really sure if that is completely true, but for all lovers of Greece and Italian ice cream, we have found a perfect solution – Gelateria Dolce Casa in Sarti!

Gelateria Dolce Casa Ice cream in Sarti

With about twenty standard flavors and a few ‘experimental’ ones, from the original Italian recipes, this place will blow all your senses! Perfect ice cream with free toppings of every kind, will not let you wait until tomorrow to try a new one.


The owners and their staff work diligently all day long and communicate with you in your own language.
Tourists and locals from all over Sithonia, come to Sarti to enjoy this extraordinary dessert to perfect their overall impression of this heavenly place…
Bon appetite!


p.s.: Here, you can also drink some fine coffee and refreshing drinks, as well as order a cake for your special occasion!

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  • Yes, we in Gelateria Dolce Casa make sometimes (not always) some fruit flavours with fructose, but the sugar in our ice cream,for the procedure that we use changes,due to the boiling and the fast freezing of the moisture.So the sugar molecule is also tolerated by diabetics.In our ice cream there isn’t cream of milk,for this is very very light!

    We have diabetic customers that eat every day 1 scoop and they have checked the concentration of sugar in the blood and it was not raised!

    This because we use really natural products,without preservatives! For the other ice-cream,above all full of fat,I don’t know…

  • Avatar for visitsithonia
  • Hi, is there ice cream without sugar somewhere in Sarti?

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