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A new feature on visitSithonia is finally here - Greek classes online with expert experienced teachers!

Anybody who has ever been to Greece must have realized that Greek is challenging to understand but so much fun to pronounce and speak a word or two. Doesn’t it sound exotic and  magical: kalimera, yasou, ohi ? 🙂 It may seem to you at first that there is nothing familiar in it and that you might have many difficulties if you tried to learn it.

However, when you get into it a bit more you realize that more than just being fun it is very important and  it has spread deeply into your language, Yes, yours. Wherever you come from, it is very likely that you use many words that come from Greek. Learning it will even help you understand the beauty of your own language, as well as the magnificence of the cultural heritage of the ancient world.


Why should I learn Greek?

Greek provides insight in the fields of history, archaeology, art, medicine, literature, etc. Learning Modern Greek allows you to dive into history, learn the art of sharing, fighting for freedom and understanding that Greece is still very much a part of the world in any area you can imagine.

Why should I study Greek on visitSithonia?

Our tutors are licenced and experienced teachers, with a degree in Philology (another Greek word 🙂 ). In many years of teaching children and adults, they have learned  how to transfer the magic of the language to students and also to recognize and foresee obstacles and common problems in learning Greek as a second language. With plenty of patience, understanding students’ needs and adjusting the speed of teaching, they will be your guides through this amazing language and culture until you can easily continue by yourself.

What kind of classes/courses are there?

We offer three types of classes:

  • 1v1 (a teacher and one student),
  • 1v2 (a teacher and two students) and 
  • group classes (a teacher and three or more students).

Every class is 60 minutes long which, our teachers have discovered in practice, is the most comfortable and effective for maintaining focus when learning a new language. 

It is not necessary for you to have any knowledge of Greek prior to starting your lessons

If you choose 1v1 classes, the teacher adjusts to your own needs as much as possible and you can book your classes whenever you like (we suggest 2-3 times a week)

In 1v2 classes you and your family member or a friend learn together with a special discount.

In group classes, you get a set schedule (2 times a week) and a course that lasts 4 months.

We offer courses and provide our own class material. There is no need for you to spend extra money for new books or audio material.

What will I learn?

During the courses that visitSithonia exclusively offers, you will learn all four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The focus  is communication through daily expressions. You will make guided dialogues and in time come closer to the culture and way of life of Modern Greece. We promise you will fall in love with Greek language.

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