Orange Beach – Kavourotripes

Orange beach – Kavourotripes: These beaches are perhaps the landmark of Sithonia for the newcomers. The entrance is off-road, through the forest of pine trees, and here is where the joy begins. With the magnificent scent of pine. After your lungs have had the first healthy breath in a year or so, you decide to go further and after a few meters, you see it. A cure for sore eyes, a breath of fresh air, an overwhelming feeling that you have found the perfect beach…

Orange beach Kavourotripes

You can go left, to Orange beach (aka Portokali), or right to Kavourotripes (Crabholes).

The choice is up to you as recommendation is impossible.

Orange Beach is a beautiful little place (not that it is so little, but there are so many people trying to catch their piece of heaven here), with a beach bar and a canteen above. The sand is snowy white and the sea turquoise. It is surrounded by smooth round stones that resemble oranges, especially at sunset. These stones are a natural border between Orange beach and Kavourotripes. However, the latter one is a great mixture of stones and little sandy bays. You can enjoy your view of the sacred Mount Athos undisturbed if you are just a little early. You can enjoy solitude in a meditation-like atmosphere in the morning and charge your body’s batteries in this unique place. Or you can admire the sculptures carved on the rocks by various artists.

Orange beach Kavourotripes

While you are engrossed in the calamity of the beautiful bright blue sea, the tourists start overrunning this place. If you are not a crowd fan, you are free to go explore other places. But believe it or not, you will be back…

Orange beach Kavourotripes

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