Karidi Beach – Vourvourou

Once you start exploring Sithonia and its beaches, there will be no end. But one of the first should definitely be the Karidi beach, near a little village Vourvourou. It is quite easy to get there from Vourvourou and once you arrive and park your car in the shade, the view of the Karidi beach will leave you breathless. In its simplicity it is one of the most exotic places on our favourite Sithonia. Naturally formed, perfectly situated so that there are never any winds and with the softest white sand, this beach is on our top 10 beaches of Sithonia.

Karidi beach - Vourvourou

Two rocky capes form this cute bay and frame our Karidi paradise. It is safely shielded from strong Sithonia winds so it is a safe haven on a windy day with warm and crystal water.

You should consider getting there early because everybody already knows what gem this beach is so it can get quite crowded.

It is perfect for families with children
because the sea is quite shallow and there are pine trees in the background for a nice shade.

Karidi beach - Vourvourou

It is all about lying on the beach in its purest form-no sunbeds, no loud music, turquoise sea, white sand and the irresistible pines… You can get a few snacks and drinks nearby but maybe it is not a bad idea to bring some with you or drop by in one of Vourvourou’s restaurants or pizzerias.

Karidi Beach - Vourvourou

Let us know your impressions from this exotic place and if you haven’t visited it yet, please hurry! You will come back to Karidi beach for sure!


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